Cloud Support Services Surrey


With SBS IT, your cloud computing services are designed to effortlessly meet the demands of your business.

Cloud computing services are the cutting-edge in online service provision, and at SBS IT, our skilled IT technicians will set up and manage your cloud computing infrastructure. Allow your business to access scalable software that responds to the unique requirements of your organisation whilst lowering your expenses.

Far more efficient than traditional computing methods, the cloud frees you from the constraints of time and provides you with a far greater scope for increased communication and collaboration. Easily work with your clients, employees and business partners, wherever they are without worrying about software incompatibilities or on-site hardware.


Why choose SBS IT for your Surrey cloud support services?

At SBS IT, our cloud support services in Surrey, London, Kent and Sussex work to guarantee that you’re using the best cloud services for your business, as well as assisting you with the initial configuration and migration to Cloud Services, and helping you to maintain them.

Our experienced team have a wealth of experience in the configuration and maintenance of cloud products and services across all core areas, helping us to give you access to highly affordable and high-powered cloud resources. Enjoy a highly competitive business with a range of practical benefits with cloud support services from SBS IT:


IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service) – including Virtualisation technologies such as VMWare and HyperV

SAAS (Software As A Service) – including Microsoft Office 365, Gmail and Salesforce

PAAS (Platform As A Service) – Including Windows Azure and Google Apps Engine


The team at SBS IT have successfully completed the set up and migration of over 500 mailboxes to Office 365 and Gmail from various platforms into different configurations of cloud services or into Hybrid Solutions.


For more information about our cloud support services in Surrey, London, Kent and Sussex, get in touch with our friendly and professional team or call us on 020 3397 5940 today.

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