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At SBS IT we have over 40 years industry experience and provide businesses of all sizes with help for all of their IT Support and consultancy needs. We are very competitively priced and compared with other support companies we do not require you to sign a support agreement with us.

We have clients across the UK (currently Blackpool being our furthest) offering as a minimum IT Support London, IT Support Surrey and IT Support Kent

At SBS IT we provide support for all aspects of IT. This ranges from legacy Windows versions to Windows 10 and Mac OSX.  We cover hardware and software, along with Windows/OSX Servers and Infrastructure.

Our primary focus is our IT Managed Services and IT Outsourcing, but offer a range of Solutions and Services to meet businesses IT requirements.

On top of helping you with your existing IT Support issues we can also offer advice and consultancy on ways to improve your current IT environment with advice to help improve your workflow, processes and productivity.

You will always be greeted by a friendly professional who will strive to help with all of your IT needs.

We are partners with all of the leading brands/solutions providers, MicrosoftVMWare, Dell, Lenovo, Veeam and Adobe to name a few.  As a result, these partner relationships allow us to help you with all your licensing and technical needs for these products plus many more.

All operations are managed through our London based IT Service Desk



SBSIT VMWare Partner

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