Internet and Leased Lines

SBS IT Ltd are pleased to be able offer a number of internet connectivity options to our clients.

Through our Partnerships we have access to wholesale pricing with all leading carriers. 


We can provide Internet Connectivity options for your business ranging from Leased Lines, FTTC, FTTP, G-Fast, SOGEA and also backup / failover options to keep your business running

Keep your business running

Most businesses rely on Internet to run, with tailored options to suit your business needs we can put the best options together for you to tailor for speeds, resiliency and security

Competitive Pricing

Whether your business needs, Leased Line, FTTC or FTTP connectivity we always aim to be competitive on price and have access to pricing from all the major carriers.


Support is our primary business and it doesn’t stop at Internet Connectivity. With an experienced and knowledgeable team we are on hand to assist with any issues.

What are the different Internet Connection types?

Leased Line

Leased Lines offer dedicated, uncontended, symmetrical Internet Connection, by this we mean there are not any impacts on your connection speed during peak hours and symmetrically, your Download and Upload speeds are the same 1GB/s Download and 1GB/s Upload speed for example 


Fibre to the Premises – moving away from copper wire, FTTP utilises fibre cables directly to your premises


Alternative to FTTP, but faster


Fibre to the Cabinet – utilising fibre cables to the local cabinet with copper wires to your property


Single Order Generic Ethernet Access – business broadband connection that does not require a traditional phone line

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What does this all mean?

The main differences between the services is the speeds available, guaranteed bandwidth available and the SLA (Service Level Agreement) on each service and the reflecting price of each service.

In most cases, the higher the speed, dedicated bandwidth and quicker SLA equate to a higher price.

SBS IT Ltd can assess your requirements, service availability at your business address and provide pricing and solutions to meet your business needs.

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