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Setting up a new business or looking to refresh your existing business?

Want to look professional?

We can help you!!!

Rather than setting your company up with free email account names such as,, with our help you could have your own professional domain name, with a professional email address, such as on a service on your choice.

Why should you stop there?  Working with you we can provide logo’s and professional looking websites designed to your specific requirements, we can even host them for you or help you setup cloud services such as Office 365 and Google Apps.

We can also help promote your site and business through the internet with systems such as Google adwords and Bing.

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Our Web Hosting Packages based on CPanel offer you the chance to make your website available to the world with UK based DataCenter hosted servers.

Starting from £5 per month / £60 per year for our Standard Package you can’t go wrong.

We also offer management of your hosting so you do not need to configure anything, unless you wanted to.

We can provide you with a professional website, designed to your requirements.

We can take on the backend configuration, domain management and design of your website from the image manipulation all the way up to the page layout and form configuration.

Please see some examples of the sites we have designed here

If you have a website under your own domain (e.g., why not make your email address the same as your domain and look professional in the process for example will look better than


We can guide you through the process of setting up your bespoke email address(es) or manage it for you.  Why not make it familiar to you and integrate your address into Google Mail / Apps or Microsofts Office365 platforms where you have the option to use their systems for just your email or to take advantage of the additional items these providers offer?

Don’t know your A Record from your CNAME?

Domain Management and DNS can be a real brain fryer.

Why not let SBS IT manage your Domain and DNS for you?

The DNS for your Domain controls where your web address is pointed to and also handles records associated to your email.  Misconfiguration of your DNS can result in no access to your website or the loss of email message delivery.

SBS IT can manage this for you and save you a potential headache.

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