Are you getting the most out of your Products, Software or Systems?


We often ask the question “are you getting the most out of your products, software or systems?” to clients and often the answer is “I don’t know” or “I think so”. 

A great example of this are the tools available in Microsoft Office 365. 

Recently a new client asked for help setting up his new Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ for short) business, with the requirements for a domain, website and email.  Fine, no issues, domain decided on, purchased, new Office 365 tenant setup, licensed and configured with the requested email address, hosting setup for the website and designed. 

It was then discovered that a requirement to capture information from members was required and a platform to manage bookings. Initially they were looking at a separate CRM and Booking system to manage these aspects.  This is where the question “are you getting the most out of your products?” comes in. 

The Microsoft Office 365 Suite includes a range of App’s alongside the most commonly known such as Exchange (for email), OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Word, Excel etc… but there are additional apps you may never have looked at.  In this example Forms, Bookings and Power Automate were 3 apps we combined to create a Sign-up form, Automated email response to Welcome the client and share the Bookings link. 

Creating a Self-Service platform with crafted automation to ensure the customer is given the correct information, reminders on appointments and the ability to feedback on sessions and book their next session removes a huge admin overhead and instills a paperless environment into the business.  With this solution in place, any visitors attending on the day can sign-up there and then on a mobile device such as a tablet or phone. 

Not only does this make the process of signing up new clients easier (for the client), but also gives, in this example, the instructor, an easy way to see who is booked in for a set class and ensure all required documentation and information is in order. 

All of this completed with the use of a Microsoft Business Basic License (or Standard License if you want the desktop Office Suite Apps). 

So, in this example, “are you getting the most out of your products or systems?” question, the answer was “No”, but now the answer is likely “I am getting more out of my products now, but what else can I do to streamline or automate my business”.  The new answer could be never ending, but it is certainly worth reviewing the capabilities of your existing products or systems before jumping into purchasing another product or subscription, it is too easy to have application or subscription sprawl where you have many systems to do many things, trying to condense to a single pane of glass approach is generally a benefit on efficiency and cost.

Reviewing or getting the most out of your products, can Streamline your business, Save Time and Save Money.

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