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25th May 2018 is fast approaching and we’re having daily conversations about GDPR and what it means for businesses.

The only consistent topic in those conversations is how unprepared everyone is.

Our advice?

Don’t panic, start with the basics and progress as you go. Don’t try to address everything in one big bang approach, you’ll never get it done.

Start preparing sooner rather than later, doing something now piece by piece will at least get the ball rolling.

What is it?

The General Data Protection Regulation is the biggest change in data protection laws for 20 years, it intends to give Europeans back control over their personal data.

While great news for individuals, it presents complex problems for companies. As a case in point – they could face fines running into tens of millions of Euros if they breach the new directive.

GDPR is a new single data protection act that will make major changes to all of Europe’s privacy laws and will replace the outdated Data Protection Directive from 1995.

Where to start?

The ICO has a 12 steps to take now document to help, see here

In essence:

  • Make sure decision makers know that GDPR is happening.
  • Understand the personal information the business holds
  • Update privacy notices
  • Understand individuals rights
  • Changes to Subject Access Requests
  • Update how you are processing personal data
  • Understand how do you get consent for personal data
  • There is now a module for protection of children’s data
  • Understand Data breach procedures
  • Implement Data protection and assessments
  • Introducing the Data Protection Officer
  • The international implications

How can we help?

There’s a whole raft of challenges for GDPR compliance and in most cases it’s where to start and what to do. GDPR compliance isn’t something you set and forget, it’s a continuous lifecycle.

We can help identify areas that need policies creating, anything that needs updating and certifying the business for compliance to the required standard.

We not only help you start your GDPR journey, we also arrange audits to make sure compliance is being adhered to in the future at any point deemed necessary.

If you have any questions or concerns about your GDPR, get in touch and we can advise you.

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