Business Centre Shared Internet

Business Centre Shared Internet

We have recently been involved in designing, cabling and implementing a business centre shared internet solution in London.

The original internet services for tenants were being provided by multiple FTTC connections dotted around several buildings. This did not provide a cost-effective managed solution and the security was an issue as there was not any network segregation between tenants.

With the installation of a resilient 1GB/s leased line to replace the many FTTC connections, we cabled so that each of the buildings and floors within had separate managed distribution points which could then be presented to tenants offices as required.

Quite a lot of work…

To add to the cabling, one of the buildings was on the opposite side of the road, so communications needed to be linked to this building and to each floor.

Fortunately, we have lots of experience using the excellent Ubiquiti Nano Beams. These allow the projection of network through a wireless point to point link. With the Ubiquiti Nano Beams installed on each roof and configured to pass traffic, it was time to implement the network devices and design.

To increase security and allow tenants to host their own network we deployed Ubiquiti Unifi Switches to manage the network segregation and Draytek routers.

Each tenant is configured with their own allocated external IP and custom options for their internal networking.

The solution has provided a better service to tenants and a huge increase in security.

With the service now having been in place for a few month’s the Business Centre can now realise the cost savings, can now offer a hosted VOIP PBX and the tenants enjoy a better more secure service.

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