Case Studies: SE Labs Ltd

SE Labs aims to improve information technology security by assessing products and services designed to detect attacks, protect against intrusions or both.

SBS IT have been working alongside SE Labs to help them setup their clean and dirty networks and infrastructure in order for them to complete their tests, through Hardware Supply, Data Cabling, Office Relocation and Consultancy.

SBSiT’s service is of extremely high quality. The staff are reliable and knowledgeable and we have trusted them to build our core infratructure as well as manage the services we rely on daily.

When we needed advanced, flexible networking services SBSiT listened to our requirements and provided useful, relevant advice that helped us agree on a solution that has proven to be ideal over the year since it was first installed.

SBSiT helped design and deploy a number of advanced networks for SE Labs, a security testing company that specialises in world-leading research. The initial deployment was in a temporary work space, which we used while the permanent lab was being built. The team then installed the main working networks into the new space and we migrated over through a short and painless process.

The staff’s grasp of security issues, which is fundamental to our business, is strong and always central to every piece of advice given. Somehow SBSiT also manages to include a lot of creativity and a driving willingness to help into the mix. An outstanding company to work with, I can’t recommend the team highly enough.

Simon Edwards

SE Labs Ltd

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Hardware Supply
To ensure that SE Labs Ltd could perform their tests efficiently and quickly, SE Labs asked us at SBS IT Ltd to provide Hardware for their core infrastructure, connectivity, work laptops and lab computers.

We proposed suitable servers, KVM’s and computers to meet their requirements, which we were able to price at below competition prices through our manufacturer partner statuses and distribution contacts

Data Cabling
With SE Labs moving to new offices in Central Croydon, we were asked to complete data cabling for their desks, wifi access points, tv’s, server infrastructure and alarm systems.  With a short notice period and short time frame we spent a couple of days which turned into nights cabling the new offices and assembling the cabinets which we also supplied, allowing us to mount the patch panels ready for the server infrastructure and communications to be added.
Office Relocation
Following the fit out of their new offices which we had completed the data cabling for we assisted SE Labs with their office relocation with a focus of getting equipment and over to the new site and setup ready for use the next morning for the start of testing.

In advance of this we worked to ensure SE Labs had the necessary comms in place with leased line and VOIP telephone system.

With the nature of the testing that SE Labs conduct, it is essential that the “dirty” network they use to complete their testing on is kept totally separate from the main LAN but also gives them the speeds to deploy machine images as quickly as possible.  We helped develop their setup which also included hardware supply.
Storage Project
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