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Sorry Boss, I can’t make it to work today because it’s snowing…

We are sure that today especially, many managers and business owners have been picking up early morning calls from staff notifying them that they cannot make it into the office due to the snowy weather conditions.  This is probably true also over recent months for the issues getting to work through public transport as a result of the recent train strikes.

This is the point where business owners and managers have a decision to make, do they say “Okay see you Monday, weather permitting” or do they turn this into a benefit for the business and say “Okay, no problem, hopefully this will give you a chance to make some progress on that project / report you have been working on without interruptions”?

The second answer to an employee is applicable if your business has everything in place for a member of staff to work remotely.

With today’s technologies this doesn’t have to be an expensive solution to implement.   These solutions are for all year round, not just for the few days a year staff are unable to make it to the office because of weather or  frequent transport issues.

The Solution | Cloud Collaboration and Remote Working

Cloud Collaboration and Cloud Storage options can allow your staff to access the data they need from anywhere they have an internet connection.  These solutions can be integrated into email solutions and subscriptions, such as Microsoft OneDrive with Microsoft Office 365.  We also resell a product called LiveDrive which is a very good solution also for Cloud Backup, Cloud Document Sharing and Team Collaboration.

But wait!  “All of my data is on that huge server in the office” or “I can only do my work through an application or server connection that is only accessible from the office!”

Don’t panic, there is a solution!  We can implement VPN technologies to ensure that through secure tunnels, staff can access the business network and have tailored access to servers and systems allowing them to complete whatever they need to do wherever they have an internet connection.

Is your business setup for Remote Working and / or Cloud Collaboration or would you like some advice on options?  Please get in touch with any questions you may have through our Contact page.

Turn days when there are transport issues into a benefit for your business.




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