Happy National Telephone Day!


National Telephone Day, a hugely significant day in the history of communications and technology. 

What better day to belatedly announce the Telephony Services and Communication Services we now offer!

How Telephony has changed since the first words were spoken via a telephone line between Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant in 1867.

The consequences of this discovery has resulted in World Wide instant communication capabilities through the development of the initial telephone concept.  From earlier models with rotary dials to the modern smartphones of today no providing power and capabilities far beyond anything that was possible (or probably dreamed of) when it was invented.

Even beyond the telephony side of things, the invention of the telephone has provided the backbone to the creation and infrastructure of the internet.

What Services are we providing?


We have been providing these services for some time now to existing clients, so this isn’t a new offering, but we haven’t up until now advertised these services within our offering.

We are often asked by existing clients and during conversations with new clients as to whether we offer telephone services?  So, by popular demand we are now able to offer a full suite of Telephone and Communication Services.

How can we help you with your Voice and Internet needs?


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