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Where would your business be without email services?  Pretty lost we imagine!

Over the last decade the reliance on email and internet based solutions and communications has grown from required to business critical.

Would your business be able to function without email?

If the answer to the above is no, then what value do you place on the infrastructure supporting your email or what email provider do you use?

Hopefully you put a lot of value into your email provision as it is critical to your business, right?

At SBS IT Ltd we have decades of experience configuring, deploying, managing and maintaining email services and solutions.  We have completed many email server upgrades from Microsoft Exchange 2003 to Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Microsoft Exchange to a Microsoft Exchange / Microsoft Office 365 Hybrid Deployment and more.  We have also completed many new setups for clients on Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, in-house Microsoft Exchange and other email solutions.

Our preferred email platform is Microsoft Office 365 as we see this email service as the premier email platform at present, with many additional features beyond email available dependant on subscription level.

From our Croydon Service Desk we manage the email systems for many of our clients, the majority of which are hosted on Office 365.

Through our work deploying and managing Microsoft Office 365 we have earnt Silver Partner status with Microsoft, for Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions.

We also work alongside a CSP for our subscription licenses which mean we can offer our clients vastly reduced pricing on all Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions, doing so without the annual commitment required for the better priced licensing direct with Microsoft.

For any email services, support queries, projects, migrations or to see where we can save you money on your licensing and subscription costs please get in touch.

To learn more about the different subscription levels please visit our Microsoft Office 365 Page




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SBS IT Email Services
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