Update on IT Support during Covid-19 / Coronavirus – we are here to help.


With the current situation affecting the UK and the rest of the world, we wanted to provide an update on our support coverage during the lockdown period.

We are and have been working remotely supporting our clients for the past 2+ weeks following the guidance to only travel where necessary.

Fortunately, we can offer the same level of service in this scenario except for Onsite IT Support  Site visits will be conducted on an emergency basis and following the social distancing guidelines.

In the build up and following the lockdown, we have been busy working with our clients to ensure they are able to conduct their business and access their systems remotely.  This included the procurement and build’s of laptops for clients who needed their staff to be able to continue working.

Whilst most aspects have been straight forward, we have discovered that a few of the leading ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) are blocking VPN and Direct Access traffic, which in turn stops remote workers connecting into their office networks.

To bypass this, Remote Desktop Gateway utilising Remote Desktops and Remote App’s can be used, which is a setup we were using for some clients already.

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