Warehouse Wireless Network

Recently we were asked to design and implement a Warehouse Wireless Network for a client based in Crawley / Gatwick.

The client required a wireless network in their distribution warehouse to connect their product scanning devices into their central asset management solutions. 

As you can see from the video linked below, this was quite a large warehouse and fairly empty upon installation.  Taking into consideration a fully stocked warehouse, we needed to guarantee that no black spots / areas of no connectivity, were present.  The warehouse wireless network is critical to the smooth running of the warehouse.

We use a range of Wireless products including:

  • Open Mesh
  • Draytek
  • Ubiquiti
  • Cisco / Meraki

and others when designing and implementing wireless networks.

For this client based in Crawley / Gatwick we decided to use Open Mesh A60 Access Points to create a meshed wireless network.  In total we installed 7 access points, hard wired and mounted to pillars and roof beams (some up to 9 metres high), to provide full wireless network coverage.

When designing a wireless network, we perform a site survey and take into account the requirements before proposing a solution.  A site survey will allow us to design a fit for purpose solution, with no dead spots for wireless connectivity and ensure all requirements of the solution are met within the design.

Following implementation of a wireless network, we also offer ongoing management of the network.  We manage the network through cloud platforms which alert us to potential issues, outages or required maintenance on the Access Points.  These alerts are fed into our ticketing system so that the issues can be tracked.  Once a ticket has been raised, appropriate action to resolve issues or plan for maintenance is carried out.

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Warehouse Wireless Network
Warehouse Wireless Network
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